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  • Background
    dog is today a reality, lying the merit of its maintenance and purity
    of lines on the breeders and Majorero shepherds, island where it was
    celebrated what was considered the “I Exposición Monográfica”, in the
    square Gran Tarajal, in Tuineje, on 21st April 1979, where known
    breeders, experts and cynophile national and international judges were
    present and which served to bring together the studies that were carried
    out about the breed. In a way, it was the firm starting point for the
    procedure that started after the recognition of this breed typical of
    the Canary Islands and whose result was the official recognition of the
    Majorero dog by the R.S.C.F.R.C.E. and the C.A.C.
    [Blockierte Grafik: http://www.rsce.es/web/img/pxtraspa.gif]General Aspects
    the popular terminology in the island where Majorero dog has survived,
    the appearance or look is known as “vitola”, being the one of this
    Medium-size dog,
    nearly square, the croup a bit higher than the withers; compact, wide
    neck, that looks disproportionate comparing to the smaller head, but
    this is exactly what allows his strength and grip and firmness on the
    prey or bite; sturdy, marked figure without overhangs, laying the ears
    gathered to the head.
    and deep chest, factor that facilitates his great capacity of resistance
    to the gait, the heat and even to the lack of water.
    gait, live, firm but mitigated movement of the hands motivated by the
    irregularity and roughness of the different land and even more on the
    plentiful masses of lava, adapting his steps and footstep in a way that
    keeps the elegance of his gait, this being more tense in the trot and
    vertiginous runs while herding and doing the so-called "apañas".
    Personal way of sitting, sideways, usually attentive to what is around, as reason of this proverbial guard condition.

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